Upgrade to Prosper202 1.9.30
You are upgrading from version 1.9.28 to 1.9.30. To continue with the upgrade press the button below to begin the update process. This could take a while depending on the last time you updated your software.

  • New: Performance Optimizations for Direct Links
  • New: Support for PHP 7
  • New: Quick Activation of DNI Networks
  • New: Global Postback url accepts POST data
  • New: sourceid token to pass ppc account id for better source tracking and segmentation by the network
  • New: Filter by subid
  • New: Inline Help documentation links
  • New: Easy link to premium Maxmind database purchase
  • New: API Endpoint For ClickServer Version
  • Fixed: Advanced Landing pages on step 4 listed alphabetically
  • Fixed: Timezone for GMT 0 works correctly
  • Fixed: Document Roots that are symlinks are correctly detected
  • Fixed: Chart data displays correctly
  • Fixed: Chart customization modal closes correctly
  • Fixed: List of landing pages displayed correctly
  • Fixed: Autocron was not registering correctly